Tina Marie McCulloch is a Vancouver-based Casting Director. Her current credits include the short film, “Atalanta”, with award-winning producer Amanda Verhagen and director Erik Horn and the Feature Film, “ Small Town…Whatever”, shooting soon, in Toronto. She is a professionally trained actor who pursued her love for the craft for over ten years. She studied acting at the renowned “Lee Strasberg Institute”, in New York City. In addition to her passion for the film industry, she has worked in the medical field for almost 15 years.

Tina Marie’s gift of helping people shifted her focus into the direction of casting for film. Currently, she balances both her busy casting career with working at a trauma hospital. She brings her knowledge base from these two industries into her casting, enabling her to be in the unique position of being able to guide and encourage actors to believe in themselves and continue on with the roller coaster journey that most people just don't understand.

The philosophy she holds is to always respect the actor when they walk into the audition room. The actors have arduously prepared to tell your story from their perspective. There is no right or wrong as long as they have committed themselves and believe in what they are saying. This is their moment to depict the story from another’s viewpoint. This moment is to be valued as it could be the one moment that unleashes creative elements not yet imagined.

Tina Marie believes that although experience has its place, some of the best actors are never seen. There is always the “wild card”, which Tina Marie knows all too well. She has a strong desire to open the doors to new talent, attracting a wide range of actors, not just limiting the film industry by employing the same actors over and over again. Directors and producers can feel confident that Tina Marie has the ability to provide the best talent for their projects. Tina Marie’s fresh eyes and different perspective on talent is giving her an edge that is quickly resulting in her services being in high demand with filmmakers from all over Canada.



                                                                 The More Opinions You have The Less You see   " Wim Wenders"

                                                                  Eighty Percent Of Success is Turning Up " Woody Allen"